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Attention to detail - Eye for the bigger picture

Ground, rotationally symmetric parts featuring maximum precision and quality in diameters ranging from less than 1.00 mm/0.04 inch to 20.00 mm/0.80 inch and made from steel, tungsten carbide or ceramics.

Considered rationally, this short statement sounds rather abstract but it actually summarises what inspires us and the lengths that we at Haas-Praezisionstechnik go to in order to keep our customers happy. You might also be surprised to learn that our spindles, shafts, axles and related products which are ground to sub-micron accuracy are used in all kinds of scenarios in modern life, not just to conquer space.

The products we make are found in innovative drive technology, state-of-the-art medical equipment, heating and air conditioning systems and high-quality domestic appliances. Our solutions are also deployed in the aerospace sector, automotive engineering, in industrial plants and many other areas of technology, demonstrating our enduring proficiency time and again.

Our continual pursuit of perfection helps to enhance and improve the end product. As a modern, high-tech company operating in the metalworking industry, technical progress and a strong ability to innovate are very important to us combined with exceptionally high vertical integration.

In a dynamic and global environment we are increasingly setting standards in terms of customer focus, total reliability and commitment to targets. We also offer flexibility, advanced logistics concepts, competitive pricing and understand complex scenarios. This is not just how we respond to high-volume orders. At Haas-Praezisionstechnik we take equal pride in handling small and medium-sized jobs.