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Sharpen your competitive edge - through our competence

[MARS-ROVER featuring innovative shafts
by Haas-Praezisionstechnik]

"You can count on us to deliver precision solutions, many of which are hidden out of sight inside everyday items, as well as for one of the most demanding endeavours in human history."

Ground, rotationally symmetric parts featuring maximum precision and quality are our core competence - based on turned parts, refined through various machining process and outstanding centreless grinding technologies, which we continuesly improve and develop especially tailored to these needs.

You can find our spindles, shafts, axles and related products which are ground to sub-micron accuracy in all kinds of scenarios in modern life. We make these parts from steel, tungsten carbide or ceramics in diameters from approx. 1.00 mm/0.04 inch to approx. 20.00 mm/0.80 inch and with a lengths up to approx. 500 mm/20 inch.